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Meet Gina Keeping

Gina is a passionate business and mindset mentor who has walked a unique path defying societal norms along the way. 

After experiencing her “silver lining moment”  –  despite debilitating situational depression, anxiety and extreme burnout – she broke free from the conventional and safe path of her teaching career and decided to create a life and business on her own terms.

Since then, her powerful voice and kind heart is giving people permission to break through self-doubt, limiting beliefs, and societal expectations and create a life that is truly extraordinary. 

Certified as a Strategic Intervention Life Coach with the prestigious Robbins-Madanes Training, and trainings in DBT (dialectical behaviour therapy), CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy), and a 15-year teaching career, her coaching and leadership is unparalleled. 

Gina is regarded as a trailblazer –  illuminating the path for others to burn the rule book and write the rules of their own lives. 

Meet Emily king

Emily King is a Money Mindset Expert, Business Coach, and TEDx speaker helping women entrepreneurs make more money doing what they love. With an MBA, a coaching certification, and an obsession with “woo”, Emily brings the perfect mix of manifesting mastery and business chops to the table.

She’s coached clients from kitchen table startups to thriving multi-million-dollar empires, and has guided a diverse range of clients to achieve financial freedom. With her big heart and magnetic energy, Emily is lighting up stages like TEDx where she shares her wisdom on creating financial freedom and living a “rich woman” life – a life of financial freedom, fulfillment and fun.



Gina has her black belt in Taekwondo (and almost trained with the Olympic team)
Emily has a mild obsession with Crocs and cozy robes (IYKYK).
Gina met her husband at wrestling and fell in love (one hip toss at a time)
Emily is real estate obsessed – investing, designing and building. 
Gina put herself through University while
working 3 jobs and wrestling on the varsity
Emily is a mama to her hilarious little girl “Zo Zo”. She considers herself a “rebel mom” — a mom doing life and business in an unconventional way.
Gina is a Grandma (story for another time).
Emily has a music performance degree.
Gina was selected to travel to Africa on an all expense paid trip to help Ghanaian women with their businesses. 
Emily won silver medal in a National Rowing Competition (there were only two teams in the race…shhhh)
We both love our fur babies. 
We believe that there’s nothing nature can’t fix. 
We’re obsessed with pottery mugs and combined have a collection of over 40 mugs.
We’re big geeks, love to laugh, and don’t take ourselves too seriously.

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