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Uncover what limited money beliefs are holding you back so you can finally see the growth you want in your bank account.

Stop feeling handcuffed to money

Go from “money is so hard to make” to “WOAH, money is everywhere”. It’s time take your power back with money and start feeling ah-mazing about it.


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Drop the "work hard to make money" money story and change the way you make money and run your business.

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  • you are sick and tired of not reaching your income goals and want to learn how to attract money, not push it away.
  • you aren't charging your "worth", instead you are practically giving away your products and services and you are becoming bitter.
  • you want to feel better about money and not stressing about it all the time.
  • you want to stop watching other people's success and finally have your own version.
  • you want to be the type of woman that goes after what she wants, who is changing the dialogue around what it means to make more money and step into the power you know you are meant to harness
  • you want to make more impact and are ready to burn the rule book about what is possible for you
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rave reviews

Gina & Emily are doing something special. They’re literally helping people change the way they think about life and the way life can be lived.

I believe we all need an Emily & Gina in our lives.
Sarah Howlett
I loved this course! Emily & Gina are the perfect blend of inspirational coaching, fun and real talk. It was easy to digest, and fun to do daily. It felt like my own little coaching pep talk, rather than just another to-do on my list. I appreciated the lightness of the experience and also found the Q&A to be extremely helpful - priceless actually.
Erin H
This was just what I needed! In the first week, I manifested one course sale - which had been my goal for WEEKS! Once I changed my mindset, everything changed. In 3 weeks, I was able to shift my energy around money and approach my business with renewed energy, resulting in a contract offer for 6 months & 4 presentation bookings for early August! Gina and Emily’s delivery was clear, concise and enthusiastic. The Q&A’s allowed for a more personalized experience - I am thrilled by this program and the results I’ve seen in just 3 weeks!
Linda M
I am going to go back and listen to everything again and again! I experienced so many shifts, mic drop and aha moments during this course. Gina and Emily are a dynamic duo leaving us feeling like anything is possible if we believe it. The homework challenged us to go deep, all while making room for expansion. These two are the real deal and my manifesting game just went from a 5 to a 10, without a doubt!
Amanda MacIntyre
OMG Anytime Emily & Gina open up a challenge I’m always excited! I can honestly say, I have manifested some incredible things with the tools I’ve been taught, and I cannot wait for what the universe has in store next ✨
Sarah Nolan

Intro to your hosts...

Gina Keeping and Emily King, known affectionately as the unstoppable duo, have touched the lives of thousands of women. Their one-of-a-kind approach blends the "woo and the work", resulting in a signature framework that not only redefines your relationship with money but also paves the way for an extraordinary life.

With backgrounds as diverse as MBAs, NLP coaching certifications, Tony Robbins' coaching training, 15 years of dedicated teaching, and a wealth of personal experiences, these two world-class coaches offer a wealth knowledge and wisdom when it comes to money and changing your mindset.

Working with Gina and Emily isn't just about achieving financial success; it's about embracing a life and business that truly lights you up from within. So, if you're ready to shout "show me the money!" they're here to make it happen with you.