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Empowering people to ditch the rule book and create extraordinary lives. 

Looking for two speakers who will leave your audience speechless and ready to take on the world?

Gina + Emily are often referred to as the dynamic duo and help bring audiences back to life. With their wit, charm, relatability and magnetic energy they take the audience on a journey where they leave with a pep in their step, ready to step into the extraordinary.

With practical steps, no-fluff stuff and a real dose of keeping it real, Gina and Emily have a beautiful way of taking the hard stuff, and making it light and digestible. If you are looking to make an immediate and long lasting impact, they are your gals.

Speaking topics

  • Overcoming Fears
  • How to Create Your Best Life
  • Creating Healthy Boundaries
  • Habits and Consistency
  • Money Mindset and more
  • Overcoming Fears
  • How to Create Your Best Life
  • Creating Healthy Boundaries
  • Habits and Consistency
  • Money Mindset and more

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rave reviews

Gina is so unbelievably real and relatable.
 If you’re looking for someone to leave a group of individuals full of hope and confidence, she’s your person. Gina received a standing ovation from the crowd of 225 diverse women, and took us all on a journey of both laughs and tears. I would highly recommend Gina for your next speaking engagement, or educational session. She is a powerhouse!
- Megan Batemen
Gateway Status of Women Council
Emily just blew my mind! In 90 minutes, she not only helped me bust up some seriously subconscious money mindset BS I’ve been living with FOR YEARS, we brainstormed real-world things I could take action on IMMEDIATELY in my business to get my money mojo back. She is the realest of real deals. Get her in your life pronto!
- Laura Scholes
Founder of The 24-Hour Site 
The Positive Thinkers Club had the pleasure of having Gina as our Volunteer Guest Speaker in November 2019. Gina’s professionalism and the clarity in her message was outstanding . She provided an inspiring message that related to our clubs mission. She took us through a personal journey to encourage us to find beauty in our hardships. We had an amazing turnout in our audience and her message was well received.”
- Katie Hussey
The Positive Thinkers Club - Past President
Emily’s presentation was engaging and interactive all the way through, and quickly had us all aware of our hangups and personal myths around making more money. Lots of surprise a-has, and a lot of energized “f*ck it”s to whatever’s in our way. I knew she’d bring it, and she did.
- Laura Belgray
Founder of Talking Shrimp
OMG best day ever! I’m seriously like a new person. I think I needed every single thing from today. Thank you so much!
- Kayla Short
Award Winning Canadian Blogger

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